Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beginning of April

I haven't posted lately because I woke up last week with my wrist in terrible pain. It's something that's been developing over the past few months, but last Monday it was worse than ever. I ended up going to the doctor -- which I pay for out-of-pocket, so you know it was bad -- and was told I need to keep it immobilized and take anti-inflammatory meds for two weeks. Difficult to keep it immobilized when one plays piano for a living, but I'm doing everything I can.

In the meantime, the family and I took some time to explore the Seattle REI store and start getting ready for camping season. As I said in my NY resolutions, we intend to do some hike-in camping this year. The wife and son went to visit family for Easter while I had to stay home and work. I put some new hops in the ground while the wife planted flowers around the yard. We raided the periodical section of our local library where I picked up (among other things) the November 2009 issue Scientific American, "A Plan for a Sustainable Future: How to get all energy from wind, water and solar power by 2030", which I am looking forward to reading.

The chickens and the garden are doing well -- the carrots are just about ready to harvest and we need to get the next planting into the ground. The taxes are done (hooray!) and all is well on the home-front (*knock* *knock*).

That said, I'm gonna give my wrist a rest and do some reading. :)

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