Friday, September 24, 2010

Harvest Season

A disappointing garden season thus far.

Still, there is this...

Sixteen pints of corn and eight quarts of pickles. The corn and cucumbers were purchased locally and not from the garden, but it's food in the pantry nonetheless. These were processed on the 18th.

Earlier today, I made a salad and found these in our garden:

The season may be disappointing, but there is still a little satisfaction. There is still a promise of pumpkins, squash, and radishes, with cabbage, carrots, onions, and green tomatoes ready to harvest. I am currently debating between green tomato salsa and pickled dill green tomatoes...

The lawn is making a comeback after the dry season and the chickens are loving it. Egg production has dropped slightly with the shortening of the days, but keeping them on the move around the yard helps keep them active! Chicken treats from the garden have already began to increase as crops are pulled. The compost pile of non-feed scraps, yard waste, and chicken manure are ready and waiting to cover the garden beds for winter.

We will be leaving for North Carolina in a little over a week. Hopefully I will have time and news before then!

Eat well in the meantime!

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