Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's Time To Reboot

   Jefferson said the world belongs to the living, suggesting that the government he and our forefathers set-up be torn up each generation and rewritten.

   Today we have a Tea Bag Party trying to ignore everything our founders stood for and drag us back two hundred thirty years.

   The recent debt-ceiling debacle should be the final piece of evidence to the American people that the system is obsolete. It is time to wipe the hard drive, get both parties out of office, abandon this system, and  upgrade to something that is relevant and has some user support.

   How about this idea: we actually educate everyone and each person gets one vote regardless of wealth, status, or bias, and we do away with lawyers and lobbyists?

   The American Dream of our forefathers was replaced by hopes that the next generation might get it right. We have built on that model with greed, bureaucracy, and corruption.

   The question now is: do we keep building on this foundation or tear it down and start a new one?

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