Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I just got back and mostly unpacked from my overnight trip to Brown Creek Campground. It was wet. Very wet. It rained the entire time I was there, which was fine and pretty much what I expected. It didn't get as cold as I had hoped, but I still got good use out of my new cold weather gear which also kept me pretty dry. Wool rocks.

The campground has only six spots open this time of year. The road up to spots 7-20 is gated shut. Since I was the only one there I had my pick. The campsites that are open year-round seem to be just spaced out alongside the forest service road. The road follows along the Skokomish River and then up and across Brown Creek. Both are in flood state at the moment. In fact, the Skokomish River is flowing across parts of Skokomish Valley Road -- THE route from Highway 101 into the forest. Getting in wasn't too bad, but coming home today after more than 24 hours of constant rain there were places where the river was winning. If I had not been fortunate to come across someone in a large 4x4 who was willing to go in ahead of me to clear a wake, I might still be out there. Of course, it took most of the trip home for the heater and the brakes to dry out...

So now I'm home. The bus is drying out (as best it can) and there is a fire in the wood stove. Hopefully the house will warm back up from 59 degrees soon. The chickens seemed to be doing okay and there were seven new eggs for us! Now I'm going to sit by the fire and watch The West Wing while I wait for my wife and son to come home from their trip south.

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