Sunday, October 10, 2010

Europe Stands Up Against Genetically Modified Potatoes

From Bikyamasr:

"Following a decision by the European Commission to authorize the cultivation of BASF’s antibiotic-resistance genetically modified potato, Hungary, Austria and Luxembourg launched a legal challenge to the European Court of Justice. The three countries have now been joined by France and Poland."

"The Commission authorized the GM potato in March. The product is intended for the paper industry and to be used as animal feed, although the application also said it would be impossible to keep Amflora out of the human food chain. The Commission granted BASF permission to contaminate human food by up to 0.9%. Trouble flared during BASF’s first Amflora growing season: the company accidentally mixed in seed from an untested GM potato known as Amadea, raising more doubts as to how controllable GM crops are."

The article says that, despite the World Health Organization and the European Medicines Agency stating that these potatoes are important for fighting disease, over one million Europeans have petitioned to put an end to GM foods.

The United States could take a cue from Europe on this.



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