Saturday, October 2, 2010

Garden Notes, End of September 2010

A disappointing year in the garden. Temperatures stayed right around 70 dF with only a few exceptions of days into the 80's and 90's.

Still, here's something to show for it:


We either need a larger fermenting crock or, better yet, more smaller ones because these cukes got too big while we we fermenting our first batch of dills. They are still yummy and we'll share what we can't eat fresh with friends and neighbors.

 Green tomatoes. 

A whole lotta green tomatoes this year. I think we harvested less than five ripe tomatoes this year, but we pulled in just over 30 pounds of green tomatoes. I said earlier I was torn between trying dill pickled green tomatoes and green tomato salsa -- I had enough to do a LOT of both and still had some left over...

Dill green tomatoes and green tomato salsa.

More dill green tomatoes and still more green tomatoes!
Green tomato relish.

Not that one might presume from appearances, but the last of the green tomatoes went into this relish. The red color comes from the red cabbage -- another crop of which we had abundance. 

We still need to can some staples like chicken soup broth (we have everything we need, we just need to do it) and beef stew (hopefully the carrots in the garden will still be useful when we are able to get the meat and potatoes and time).

Considering what we had to work with this season, I think we have done just fine.

More to come...

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