Saturday, June 18, 2011

Prepping For The First Backpacking Trip of 2011

   I'm taking a break from stuffing stuff sacks, rinsing water filters, consolidating food into minimal packaging, and sorting out who ends up carrying what. I am reminded that our camping french press that served us well for several years cracked last season and has not yet been replaced. I'm also disappointed to learn that I cannot locate my headlamp. I know I used it in recent months for getting firewood for the woodstove, but it is not where I thought I left it and has not turned up in the 37 other places I thought it might be. Frustrating.

   The weather today is wet and grey, but I've been watching the forecast closely and the next few days promise decent weather. The plan is to head out to Staircase in the Olympic National Park and hike up the North Fork of the Skokomish Trail. After consideration it was agreed that excursions around Mt. Rainier would wait until later in the summer.

   I am looking forward to bringing my new Vibram Fiver-Finger shoes for camp shoes, river fords, and such. I love my Teva's which have taken this role in the past, but the Five-Fingers are so much lighter and will certainly give me better traction in the water. I also have a new sun/hiking hat I picked up at the big annual REI sale. This will be my son's first camping trip with his headlamp that he got for his birthday (I wish I knew where mine was...).

   I have the SPOT set up to let our family know we're okay while we're away. There's still a lot to do. I should get to it...

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