Saturday, July 9, 2011

It Really Is All About The Money

   I often find myself making the argument that we can't sacrifice our children and their futures for our own immediate gains. Of course, we do. We have always handed problems down to the next generation when we didn't want to deal with it (i.e. slavery). I forget that people believe that the next generation will be better able to deal with our problems and that we just aren't strong enough.

   Then again, maybe we really are so concerned with money and comfort that we have stopped caring about our children altogether? There's a mining company in West Virginia that wants to run an 1,800-acre coal mine under a high school and a proposed site for a new middle school. While the school board is fighting against it, citing the safety of the children and staff and concerns about methane gas leaks, International Coal Group and Wolf Run Mining are still trying to go forward with the plan.

   What the hell is wrong with us? At what point do we take a look around and decide to take responsibility and deal with our problems? We shouldn't be mining under schools! We should be building infrastructure that does not rely on coal and building up our education systems.

   At what point do we the people stand up and say, "Enough!"?

(Click Here to sign a petition against this mining operation)

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