Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Busy, busy, busy...

   I'm not getting any better at posting regularly here, am I?

   Here's what's going on: I got the beer brewing kickstarted three weeks ago and have brewed a batch each week. I currently have three different batches at various stages of fermentation and will begin kegging and bottling next week.

   One of our chickens died just last week. Like Ginger, we have no idea of the cause, but Omelet was found dead in the hen house last Saturday. Omelet was a Rhode Island Red, a good layer, and an entertaining bird. We are down to four chickens no, which, in hindsight, would probably have been plenty to supply our family of three with eggs the first couple years. Now the girls are slowing down. I doubt we will get new chicks this year, but probably one or two next year.

   My career has also been keeping me busy. The company that I primarily work for is going through some changes (good things) and while I have not been directly involved in the majority of the work, it has occupied my time nonetheless.

   A potential move has been the main focus of my time and energy. Are we moving onto a farm?!? While that would be great, that hasn't happened just yet. We have been presented with an opportunity to move into a house that would be a small step up from where we are now in many ways. Things like a garage to keep our VW bus and various other things that are currently rusting outside or cluttering up our utility room/pantry, more storage inside for things like backpacking gear and crafty stuff, and lower rent are all motivators. The deal is a little unconventional, so there were many details to consider, but we are at the point now where it is time to pack up and move.

   I have had some other interesting developments in respect to this year's resolutions, but I will save that for another post. Right now, I need to pack.

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