Thursday, April 28, 2011

General Update

   Here's what's up in our world:

   The wife's serger is still in the shop. Turns out it needs a needle plate (?), so that's going to take another 7-10 days. Bummer. It's just as well as the sewing table probably won't be here for another couple weeks (being delivered by mother-in-law from Oregon) and we're not making speedy progress in getting the computer backed up that is currently on the desk where the sewing table will go. We need to get on that.

   The outdoor seeds have not sprouted. The weather is continuing to dip 5-10 degrees below normal every night and sunshine is still sparse. It's almost May! C'mon, spring! The indoor seeds are doing well -- all but the wonderberry and marmande tomatoes. I have replanted marmande seeds (again). Hopefully the weather will warm up before the tomatoes and peppers get too big!

   The CDs we hung around the garden seem to be doing an excellent job. I've seen the crows several times but have yet to see a bird in our front yard.

   The chickens were moved this afternoon from the side yard to the backyard. The backyard still has spots that haven't fully recovered, but we'll try to keep the chicken tractor away from those areas this round. The side yard is not flat and the neighbors have a new puppy that makes us (and the chickens) a little nervous, so it's nice to get them out of there.

   I am just waiting for one sunny day to take the tent and backpacks outside and treat them with UV/waterproof spray. If I can make time and the weather cooperates Monday or Tuesday, perhaps the family and I will take a drive and possibly do a day hike up around Mt. Rainier. Here's hoping!

   Tomorrow I plan to make the final payment and close the account on a loan I've been nursing for 16 years! I'm not proud to have has this debt for so long, but I am thrilled to be putting it behind me. It's amazing how easy it is to pay things off when there are less of them to pay each month!

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