Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Girl With The Best Book Title Ever

   My wife is reading The Girl Who Played With Fire, having just finished The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. She informed me last night that the author, Stieg Larsson was dead. It turns out he died of a heart attack in 2004 and the three Millennium Series books were released after his death.

   I told her it was too bad because he had hit on a title concept that could go on infinitely (as it turns out, only The Girl Who Played With Fire was the only original title -- the other titles were changed for the American translations). Some titles we came up with included:

The Girl Who Had Too Many Shoes
The Girl With Low Self-Esteem
The Girl With Terrible Gas
The Girl Who Couldn't Help It
The Girl Who Hated Shopping
The Girl With The Dog Face (but a Heart of Gold)
The Girl With The Lazy Eye
The Girl, The Gold Watch, and Everyt... oh wait, scratch that one...
The Girl Who Just Wanted To Have Fun
The Girl With The Club Foot
The Girl With Something In Her Teeth

   My sincere apologies to the late Stieg Larsson.


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