Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Resolutions

   As I covered over the past year, I think New Year's Resolutions in general are cliché, but I have learned the value of setting goals, writing them down, and revisiting them from time to time. The beginning of the year seems to me to be as good a time as any to do it.

   This year I am simplifing my resolutions a bit. Instead of a long list of specifics I only have a handful of general goals. The primary reason for doing this is, as I mentioned in Reloading, Revenue, and Resolutions, the wife and I have agreed to committing this year to seriously reducing our debt if not getting out of debt entirely. This is the focus this year. As such, I am hesitant to make goals about cheesemaking or hunting because I need to save money and put it toward paying down our debt. Cheesemaking requires tools and ingredients I do not currently have and hunting is just plain expensive (see Hunting Is A Form Of Gambling). My wife and I want to buy property and start a small farm. Getting out of debt is the next step toward that goal.

   I do wish to continue the things that I have included in years past that are more lifestyle oriented. Things like the garden, exercise, doing things with my son, and eating food, not too much, mostly plants. I will continue this blog and hopefully do more with it this year. I will probably try to learn to bake and get back into homebrewing regularly since those kinds of things will save us money.

   I have two other things that I would like to do this year, but have not decided which and I will not be able to do them both simultaneously. One is a music/business project that, if I decide to go forward with it, it will take up a lot of time and energy. If I opt out of the music project, I have several writing project ideas and I will pick one and do it.

   So, there you go! It's going to be a difficult year, but I'm up to the challenge!

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