Monday, May 23, 2011

Garden Notes, May 23rd, 2011

   The weather has, thus far, not shown any improvement over last year. The good news is that several peas have started coming up and are doing very well. Three of the four artichokes survived the winter and are thriving. The strawberries also came through and already have several buds flowering. The onions are slowly making an appearance, though I had not anticipated how quickly the artichokes would grown to overshadow the area the onions were planted. The radishes, of course, are doing great.

   We had some squash coming up and looking good, but they all disappeared over night. We don’t know if it was slugs, birds, or wild bunnies, but something ate them. I still haven’t seen any birds get near the garden. After the squash disappeared we put out a perimeter of slug killer. I’m going to have to seek out ideas for the bunnies. Maybe traps? I’m not sure...

   Our indoor gardening has taken a tragic turn as well. We have had a few nice days over the past couple weeks and, in an effort to harden the tomato and pepper starts I put them outside a couple times. They did great the first time, but the second time outside withered them pretty badly. I’m not sure if they’re going to recover and my wife is even less optimistic.

   Today or tomorrow we will be planting some more seeds. Even if the tomato and pepper sprouts do pull through, they are so far behind this late in the season I think we will have to buy some plants if we want to have any tomatoes or peppers this year.

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