Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jefferson Was Right...

   ...the Tea Party missed the boat.

   Thomas Jefferson subscribed to the idea that, "the world belongs to the living." That means that Jefferson believed that the day's government should be elected and run by today's constituency. However, the U.S. government is historically famous for relying on future generations to solve it's current problems.

   Thomas Jefferson also believed that the Constitution should be re-written every generation. Here is where the Tea Party fails. If this founder had his wish, the foundation of this country would have evolved and adapted ten times (or more) by now.

   The current U.S. system has been outdated for almost 200 years. If not for the Bill of Rights it would be obsolete.

   I appreciate and respect tradition. When it's finest Declaration comes from someone who says it's government should be reconsidered each generation, who am I to argue?

   With that, I believe we have new issues that must be addressed in today's terms, and very soon.

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