Monday, May 23, 2011

New Computer

   I have some exciting news: I am now the proud owner of a MacBook Pro! I'm not really a tech-geek and in fact I have something of a love-hate relationship with computers. I've been on the internet since the early 90's when I used a Commodore 128 with a 1200 baud modem to log on. I've always had hand-me-down gear because I have tech-geek friends, it's much less expensive, and I just don't (usually) have the desire to have the latest and greatest gadget. I'm the guy who doesn't want a new phone when I renew my plan because I'm familiar with the phone I have. I'm still running Windows 2000 on my desktop because it works, I know how it works, and I don't want to shell out money for a new OS with which I am not familiar and is likely to be buggy.

   So why now? Several reasons. Primarily, my career has evolved to a place where a laptop is almost mandatory. My wife bought a used MacBook about a year ago and has been very happy with it. My son received a hand-me-down laptop last Christmas. Being the only family member without a laptop, I have found myself frequently borrowing one or the other to avoid isolating myself in the back room where my desktop computer is set up. I wanted to go with a Mac because my wife's MacBook is so easy to use, they are great for music applications, and, well, that's where everything seems to be headed.

   So I have stepped out of my comfort zone entirely with my first brand new computer, my first laptop, and all on a platform to which I am relatively new. It's odd knowing that I can't just open the thing up and upgrade hardware myself because I have yet to learn how this beast works. Transferring iTunes has been a long, arduous process that is still not complete. I finally figured out how to import my contacts from my old computer this morning.

   Still, all in all, I am happy with it so far. Hopefully it won't be long before I am up to speed and able to focus more fully on the garden and the next backpacking trip!

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