Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mind Terrorist

Last night I played a private party booked by a sorority. I was one of two piano players.

It was two hours of high-energy dance music -- anything we could put to a drum machine beat or get them to sing with (thankfully the eighties are popular right now).

At the end of the night a handful of the girls wanted to get pictures with the piano players. One girl said, "Take a picture with me and the DJs!"

I turned to my fellow piano partner and said, "Wouldn't that be PJs? As in 'Piano Jockeys'?"

He nodded, but the girl insisted, "No, it's DJs. That what it was in my mind."

When I pointed out that there were no discs involved and asked how impressive it was that we pulled off almost two hours of contemporary music, she told me that, in her mind, we were spinning discs.

Then she looked at me and called me a "Mind Terrorist".

I must assume this was a compliment. That we were able to actually able to play instruments and sing without a game console or turntables was just too much for this young lady to wrap her head around.

Has playing a musical instrument become so outdated? I watched the halftime show at the Super Bowl this year and there was only one instrument in the entire show -- for almost two of the twelve minutes an eighties icon played a song from 1986 on the guitar.

I can only wonder how long it will be before it becomes socially odd to unplug and leave the house at all? These twisted people just might find each other and form communities.

We'll have to amend the Patriot Act to deal with these Mind Terrorists.

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