Wednesday, February 16, 2011


   I've been absent for a few days. I apologize. I'm chalking most of it to drama and chaos at work, which tends to lead to political drama with which I do not often deal well. Between stuff going on at work, working more nights, and a dash of Seasonal Affective Disorder, I began staying up and sleeping in later until my sleep schedule was completely of kilter. It wasn't long before I was sleeping too late to maintain a decent diet. I had allowed myself to spiral into a depression in which I was neglecting the well being of myself and those around me.

   I can't deny that the prospect of having recently turned forty might play a part, though I can honestly say there are a number of factors I can more immediately identify. Turning forty was kind of like driving through Barstow, California in late August -- there was nothing wrong with Barstow, it was everything else in the desert in late August that made the experience miserable. No, this was really a perfect storm of situations for which I was not prepared. I have to give a lot of credit and appreciation to my family for their love, understanding, and support. I am in debt.

   The past two days were spent trying to manipulate my sleep schedule back to something reasonable, trying to eat better (i.e. eat anything at all), and and trying to get things caught up around the house. Nothing is completely back on track just yet, but I am optimistic about where I am now going into the next week.

   Among other things, we had a wind and rain storm that ripped up the cover I recently replaced over the chicken pen. The wife and I came up with a new idea that involved holding the plastic covering down with the extra netting we had left over from the chicken infirmary. In theory, the netting will help prevent the next wind storm from whipping the plastic around and tearing it up so much. We'll see.

   I did get a couple of other things done I feel pretty good about, including making significant progress toward completing this year's federal tax return (always a daunting task), dealing with a new collections report, and fixing a couple other minor things around the house.

   The family is healthy and happy and so are the chickens. My big goal for tomorrow is to make enough salad to last a few days to help get back to a balanced diet.

   Wish me luck.



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