Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crazy Weather

   After a long stint of cold, rain, and snow, today the sun came out. The mercury not only got up to 40, it hit 46!

   Blue skies and sun, followed by rain and 17-26 mph winds, followed by sun and rain, followed by overcast and more wind. At present it's partly cloudy with a mild wind, but the sky is still brighter than it's been in over a month.

   The wind has been bad enough that we are fortunate to be one of the homes that still have power. Of course, today is garbage and recycling pick-up, so there is trash mixed in with downed tree limbs scattered everywhere.

   Last week we had another uncharacteristic amount of snow and freezing conditions that affected areas all over the Puget Sound.

   all in all I have to admit, it is nice to see the sun again.

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