Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Pictures!

   While putting up today's pictures I came across some pictures I had uploaded earlier and never got around to posting. Just got sidetracked...

   Let's see... up first, our clothes dryer:

   ...we have an electric clothes dryer, but we only use it for towels and sometimes sheets and blankets. During the summer we can hang clothes to dry outside on the line, but most of the year we use this method. The downside is that we can't really do more than two loads a day, but that means we tend to pace ourselves, do just one load every day or two days, and we don't use a ton of water on any one day. The upside, though, is that our clothes don't wear out as fast and our electric bill is considerably lower. 

   It's not a bad system, in all. We run a dehumidifier regularly anyway. The dehumidifier uses a lot less electricity than the clothes dryer and we are able to use the water it collects for things like dishes or the next load of laundry. We also heat with the wood stove. In order to move the heat around the house we have one fan behind the wood stove and a box fan on the hall floor (as seen in the first picture above). The fan behind the stove moves warm air around the living room while the box fan pushes cold air from the back rooms into the living room. The warm air from the living room is displaced to the back rooms. We run the dehumidifier at night while we're asleep because it does make some noise.

   We hang shirts and pants on the door frames in the hall way and hang the rest on racks in the living room directly downwind of the hall. The whole set-up creates an airflow through the house that dries a couple loads of wash overnight. 

   What else did I find?...

   ...some pictures from one of this winter's snowfalls...

   ...and some pictures from the last harvest of the past fall.

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