Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The New USDA Dietary Guidelines

   Denise Minger wrote this great article about the flaws in the new USDA dietary guidelines. It's up on her blog, Raw Food SOS.

   She comes to this conclusion:

"Although some of the new USDA guidelines are just watered-down common sense ('be more active, eat less junk food'), a few of the recommendations are downright harmful: the idea that polyunsaturated fats are universally healthy, the perpetuated fear of saturated fat, the encouragement of low-fat dairy, and the notion that everyone needs a carb-heavy, grain-based diet to thrive. Unfortunately, the 2010 recommendations parrot the same misinformation that’s been keeping Americans fat and sick for so long—all stemming from a flawed understanding of cholesterol and disease, as well as decades of research biased to please the gods of Conventional Wisdom.

Bottom line: These guidelines will guide you alright—straight to your spot in the pharmacy line. Look elsewhere for advice if you’re serious about your health."

   I highly recommend checking out this very informative article!

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